MAY 2017



Spotlight on Barbara Arneson


Barbara Arneson, nominated by Emily Lepthien, was initiated in 1976; served as Women In the Arts Chair; chapter president from 1978 - 80;


Before serving as an English teacher at East Leyden High School, Barbara earned her B.A. in 1959 from The University of North Dakota; her M.A. in 1961 from Northwestern University; with Post Graduate studies at Purdue University, New York University, and Breadloaf.  Barbara also studied at Berkeley, U.C.L.A., Foreign Art Studies, Oxford, Royal College of Art, London, Art Studies, Northern Illinois University, and Art in Italy.

Barbara has many accomplishments including serving for twenty five years as a  judge for National Council of English Teachers - writing awards for high school juniors; sponsoring high school juniors for National Association of High School Principals exchange trip to Wigan, England; teaching Advanced Placement English, including  many talented students who won NCTE writing awards and poetry awards (at Mundelein - Gwendolyn Brooks); serving as Facilitator Writer in Residence Programs at Leyden;

Barbara describes herself as artistic, imaginative, too sensitive, persistent, and determined...She says that she is also an adventurous person who loves world travel!  (Europe, former USSR, including Soviet Central Asia and Siberia; Africa, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and U.S.A.) 

May Meeting honors 40 year member Barb Arneson and welcomes 3 new sisters
On May 13, 2017, Beta Alpha members met at the Ed Paschke Art Center  WWW.EDPASCHKEARTCENTER.ORG for a guided tour. After the tour, members walked over to the Gale Street Inn where we enjoyed lunch and conversation about the close of the school year, summer plans and more. 

Co presidents Gale Andersen and Patty Walsh reported on chapter progress in 2016-2017 as well as goals for the coming year.  Barbara Arneson was honored with a pin and certificate for her 40 year membership in Beta Alpha.  Barbara spoke fondly of her travels to Africa where she met her dear friend and travel companion Emily Lepthien who introduced her to Beta Alpha and nominated her for membership into Beta Alpha.  Barbara shared memories of the many lifelong friendships and she has made through her involvement with Beta Alpha.  Barbara's speech was heartfelt and led beautifully into our initiation of three new members - Sarah Erekson, nominated by Lynne Kiviluoma; Maricela Leyva and Samantha Talbot, nominated by Patty Walsh.  Click here to view the

May 2017 meeting minutes.